Devouring Famine - Haunting Echoes

Posted on May 14, 2024

RABAUW is proud to present DEVOURING FAMINE’s debut album, Haunting Echoes, on vinyl LP format.

Those who follow the modern black metal underground will surely be aware of a renaissance on American soil, of a provocative rawness instigated by the likes of Lamp of Murmuur and Sanguine Relic. Of the bands that have followed in their wake, DEVOURING FAMINE have quickly and prolifically made their name known, first with a clutch of demos in 2022 and then followed by two albums the next year as well as a handful of EPs. Haunting Echoes, the one-man band’s first album, proved that DEVOURING FAMINE had personality to spare – and actual songwriting, which is a crucial element often lost in the strive for rawness / “rawness.” By the man’s own admission, Haunting Echoes was meant to be a “fast, gloomy” album, and indeed does he accomplish that with aplomb here, whipping forth a depressing delirium that hits that much harder due to its surprisingly sharp recording. Mind you, this isn’t big-budget black metal by any means, but DEVOURING FAMINE locate a rustic style of recording that feels old yet alive, roughened up some but not at the expense of masking dynamics or emotion. Finally, this grim misery finds physical release courtesy of RABAUW.

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