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Sacrilegious Profanity
Genocide Rituals
splatter vinyl

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Belarussian newcomers Sacrilegious Profanity defiantly bury their extreme metal hatchet in the sacrificial chopping block of mundane genre mainstays. Loading ritualistic steel into cold-hearted chambers, Genocide Rituals is a bloodthirsty collection of Satanic supplications that shoots cartridges of blackened sludge into the hearts and minds of the masses.

Edition of 33 copies pressed on white vinyl with green splatter.

€ 25.00


Black Vinyl
€ 22.00
Format White/green Splatter
Genre Black Metal, Raw Black Metal
Label Rabauw
Catalog No. RIF012
Release Date November 14th, 2022
Country Belarus

A1. Life Abomination
A2. Necroritual of Immortality
A3. Unholy Witchery (Devil Invocation)
B1. Zodiac Sign of Apocalypse
B2. Worlds Devoured
B3. Damned Void


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