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Winter Lantern
Festering Vampirism

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An atmospheric, beautiful and brutal abomination of dungeon synth elements and raw black metal by North Carolina's one woman vampyric black metal band Winter Lantern.

€ 8.50
Format Cassette
Genre Dungeon Synth, Black Metal, Raw Black Metal
Label Rabauw
Catalog No. RIF036
Release Date November 11th, 2022
Country USA

A1. Intro - Moonrise Over the Castle of Shadows
A2. Seven Diadems of Stillborn Bones
A3. Strangling Ritual
A4. Interlude - Alisson's Blood
A5. The Revenant Waltz (Festering Vampirism pt. I)
B1. Blazing Dawn
B2. Ritual Chalice of Blood and Semen
B3. Culmination in Vampyric Ecstacy and Blood Rapture (Festering Vampirism pt. II)

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