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Castle Zagyx
Doors To The Battlefields Of Ertbe


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- limited edition of 50 copies
- custom slipcase packaging

€ 9.00
Format Tape
Genre Dungeon Synth, Epic
Label Rabauw
Catalog No. RIF-014
Release Date August 27th, 2021
Country Spain

A1. Forty Sails, Dragons of War, Breaking the Waves at Night
A2. Bascinet, Hauberk and Flamberge
A3. Mountain of the Worm Astiborax
A4. The Sacred Oriflamme
A5. An Army of Skeletons and Ghasts
A6. The Runic Sword of Halskpa
A7. Fanfare for the Three Sorcerer-Kings
B1. Spoils of War
B2. Marching Through High Pass
B3. Desolated Ruins, Covered by Moss and Reed
B4. The Eternal Wheel of War and the Eleven Fixed Stars

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