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Erythrite Throne & Cefaris
The Forbidden Art Of Necromancy

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- limited edition of 50 copies
- tracks A3-A4: previously unreleased
- tracks B3-B5: originally released as a split with Spectral Crypt

€ 9
Format Tape
Genre Dungeon Synth
Label Rabauw
Catalogue No. RIF-013
Release Date 2021-08-27
Country Canada
Tracklist Erythrite Throne
A1. Oh Gabrielle, Veiled in Misery…
A2. With A Kiss from the Black Rose, I Awaken…
A3. Blade of Serpent's Skin
A4. A Tyrant of the Dark Ages

B1. A Grand Shadow under the Serpent Moon
B2. Unholy Scepter of the Necromancer (The Black Sacrament)
B3. Call of the Serpent Moon
B4. Into the Eyes of Eternity
B5. Lord of Extinction

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