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Portcullis & Maiden Hair
Towers Ov Albion
green vinyl


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This release is an outstanding trip of dreamy, and ethereal dungeon synth and sounds so damn good on vinyl.

Side A crafted by Portcullis after curious wanderings amongst the fields and hillsides of West Sussex.
Side B crafted with a Yamaha PSR-220 by the Minstrel in the cradle ov beautiful England, MMXX.

Edition on green vinyl is limited to 20 copies. This is a co-release with our comrades from Phantom Lure.


€ 25.00


Black Vinyl
€ 22.00
Gold Vinyl
€ 22.00
Format Green Vinyl
Genre Dungeon Synth
Label Rabauw
Catalog No. RIF-025
Release Date September 22nd, 2022
Country United Kingdom

A1. Portcullis - Fancy's Abode
A2. Portcullis - A Noble Folly I Decree
A3. Portcullis - Vanishing Archway
A4. Portcullis - Monument To Nothing
B1. Maiden Hair - And So I Wander, Never Lost
B2. Maiden Hair - Becoming Wood
B3. Maiden Hair - Here I Slumber, Neath The Frost
B4. Maiden Hair - The Songs Conclude


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