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Ancient Iron
The Dire Ages


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Essential old school dungeon synth. Not much words are needed for Ancient Iron, these tracks are all filled with that genuine dungeon vibe, brilliant recordings!

Limited edition of 50 copies.
Custom cross-shaped slipcase packaging with full-body print on the cassette shells.

€ 9.00
Format Tape
Genre Dungeon Synth
Label Rabauw
Catalog No. RIF-017
Release Date November 15th, 2021
Country USA

A1. Battleground in RuinA2. Old KingdomsA3. Goblins in the Accursed CaveA4. Retreat to the Exiled EnclaveA5. Castle WallsA6. Crossing the Shrouded BogA7. A Creed Bonded by BloodA8. Huntress' BowA9. Woodland TravelerA10. A Final Defense... with identical B-side.

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