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Project by Äkth of Äkth Gánahëth, Vresëbeth and Fimbulþul - Níðstöng is punk infused Black Metal influenced by Ildjarn, Sort Vokter and Nidhogg, and adds another excellent project to this Icelandic artist’s various avenues of creativity.

Limited edition of 25 copies on white vinyl.
Records start shipping 8th November 2021.

€ 25.00


Black Vinyl
€ 22.00
Format White Vinyl
Genre Black Metal, Raw Black Metal
Label Rabauw
Catalog No. RIF-002
Release Date November 8th, 2021
Country Iceland

A1. Úlfhéðnar
A2. The Eternal Cycle
A3. Dauðinn Hvíti
A4. Thule
A5. Emperors of the Glacial Realm
B1. Móskarðshnjúkar
B2. Heiðin
B3. Berserkjahraun

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