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Stellar Tomb
Antimatter Fluids Of Creation

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Presenting the latest project from Catalonian artist Femto, creator and contributor to a wave of excellently visceral bands including ARNA and Bastard of Loran. Stellar Tomb draws inspiration from the raw cosmic trance of Inquisition along with other ambient black metal artists.

A definite must for fans of bands such as Mesarthim/Left Horn of the Ram, Abstract Void, Stjärnfält, and Violet Cold.

This releases contains both the 'Antimatter Fluids Of Creation' EP on side A and the 'Singular Accretion' demo on side B.

Limited cassette release with a full UV-printed cassette shell.

€ 8.50
Format Cassette
Genre Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal
Label Rabauw
Catalog No. RIF035
Release Date November 14th, 2022
Country Spain

A1. Antimatter Fluids of Creation
A2. Absolute Chaos
B1. Heat Death
B2. Reach Eternal Darkness
B3. Stellar Tombs

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